Vacation rental in Moorea Island

Why renting a Home

Vacation Rentals are private house rentals giving you the authenticity that you are looking for, in exclusive comfort, with an equipped kitchen for self-catering, terrace, garden, WiFi, … and even sometimes a beach, a pool or a hot tub.

You are like in your own vacation house... You are Home!

Vacation Rental is the ideal lodging formula for a family, a group of friends, a couple, wishing the entire excusivity of a Villa, a House or a Bungalow, with much more space than a hotel bungalow and for a more affordable price.

We only propose entire lodging units (even is you are only 2 persons) which means this is never a rental "by the bedroom" in a large house which would be shared with other clients.

You don't book an independant self-catering lodging like you book a room in a hotel.
One wishes a totally relaxed atmosphere, with more intimacy, authenticity, and even a touch of originality!
Our team remains at your disposal to advise and find the right vacation rental for you :)

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