Accommodation types

There are several types of Vacation Rentals in French Polynesia, either run directly by owners or by property managers. Many are in private properties offering maximum privacy (some of them even have a concierge onsite), while others are within residences or proposed by hotels or guest houses possessing independant lodging units.

All Vacation Rentals proposed have an equipped kitchen or kitchenette so guests can prepare their own meals, and live like locals.


Tahiti beach villa rentals

Villas are either located lagoonfront or seafront, either offer a pool or a hot tub. Note the traditional wooden Villas by the lagoon are requested and booked months in advance.


Tahiti house rentals

Houses are not waterfront and do not propose a pool or hot tub. Nevertheless they are very cosy homes with a warm atmosphere.


Tahiti bungalow rentals

Bungalows are smaller and usually for 2 or 3 persons maximum, with a small kitchenette. Some of them are within an adjacent ground to the owner's.


Tahiti apartment rentals

Apartments are mostly located in Tahiti. Usually cheaper they fit for smaller budgets.

Private islands

Private Island rental

Renting one or several Villas on a Private Island with on site staff is definitely an awesome experience. Some small islets are for rent for maximum exclusivity and for a unique feel.

Private islands to rent, see our selection: For a unique Honeymoon, an unforgettable romantic escape, or a family / group reunion… This is certainly the unforgettable place to be, and all things being considered not that expensive!

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